Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Shameless Serial Promotion OR Lay off, man, I've been busy!

Figure 1. Simbeliebers

I just went to visit my two year-old niece on the East Coast, and when I showed up, she was so excited she ran figure eights around the kitchen table and island (I wish I had an animated gif to add here, but you can probably just imagine one). On the plane home, belted into my own personal 9 cubic feet of space inside a floating tin can, I felt driven to similarly unconstrained expressions of excitement and over-stimulation when I read Dan Simberloff & Co.’s recent TREE review on the current role of invasion science.  Thankfully for my own dignity, nothing squelches feelings of unbridled joy quite so much as sitting in the back of an economy airline cross-country flight (Thank God and Bose for noise-cancelling technology).

So I wrote a li'l piece for the Graduate Student Blog Biodiverse Perspectives.


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