Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mollusk Muzik # 3 OR Where a Snail Has To Be

There is a number, somewhere between 10 and 30, that I can no longer remember.  It's how many They Might Be Giants concerts I've been to. Yup. Every single one was worth it and a blast.  

They Might Be Giants
"Snail Shell"
Album: John Henry


  1. My last count was around 12 I think. But that last one had to be around 2005 or so. We should do it again sometime, no?

    1. Yes! I've thought about it often, but realize it just wouldn't be the same since the audience has largely shifted to the kids of the previous audience. The count I had in my head was also somehow higher, but I can't back that up any longer, neither can I remember the actual last show I was at.