Thursday, August 2, 2012

Field Season Missive #3 OR This Is What It Would Be Like If David Bowie Were a Marine Ecologist

Here's what I did today:

Figure 1.  My trajectory today.  Note, the conversion factor for walking in mud is approximately 1 mud mile = 700,000 regular miles.

Here's what it looked like at Wy.214:
Figure 2. Me 'n my trusty quarter-meter quadrat.  Actually this is quadrat 2.0, the first edition was broken. We be countin' snails.
My dad hung out on the trail running along this part of the bay, and I radioed(1) my measurements back to him for data recording purposes. There were more than a few Major Tom moments (ooh this one is cool!), but it more or less worked, and I didn't get my dad stuck in the mud again.

References and miscellany:
(1) Yeah I thought that looked wrong too, so I looked it up, and that really is how you spell it, go figure.

1 comment:

  1. Way to go Mr. Grason!

    A few questions:
    - Is all that mud giving you the softest ankles ever?
    - Certainly there must be some footwear in this day in age to combat the mud suck? Something snow shoe-esque perhaps?
    - Do your hands really stay clean enough for accurate radioing?
    - Is your car filled with horrible mud or do you have some sort of elaborate tidying up/hosing down process?