Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Snail Mail! OR Where is that smell coming from? Oh, good God! It's Emily's mailbox!

Lookie!  I got snail mail today!  

Can you see the tiny snail in my snailbox? For a few days, I couldn't.  Some amazing Snail Fairy (I hope they will be my Shellentine) left a Batillaria in my departmental mailbox.  Or this snail travelled to campus from Padilla Bay in need of my snail whispering skillz.  Of course, I received the snail today, but I honestly don't know when it was sent, or how long it's been there.  I rarely check my box because I never get mail. But I'm pretty sure it's been there for a few days because I often stick my head into the mail room to see if there's anything in there, but from across the room, without my glasses, I assumed this was a tumblebunny dustweed, since my mailbox is like the wild west, no man's land, and on the floor.  Suffice it to say, the snail is dead, but how long it's been that way I can't say.  This will do wonders for my reputation as  someone who leaves dead invertebrates around the building.

PS. For the observant among my readership (a very exclusive club, with a membership of 5), the Scientistas part 2 will be posted at some point in the future - I didn't just forget I had promised two scientistas and wander off to smash snails - though that has been known to happen.

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